Lake Fishing during the Summer Months

What’s so great about fishing Bornholm’s lakes is that the season peaks during the summer months when lots of visitors arrive on the island.

Especially the wee hours of the morning and the evenings are great for targeting the big predatory fish lurking in the lakes. However, traditional coarse fish such as roach, crucian carp, bream, tench, and common carp can be caught throughout the day. The latter species of fish provide a basis for an extremely family-friendly form of fishing, which is the perfect supplement to other relaxing social activities on the island. For more experienced fishermen, there are exciting challenges associated with targeting some of the lakes’ fully-grown inhabitants whether it be pike, zander, perch, or carp.

Some of Bornholm’s best lakes include Rubinsøen (The Ruby Lake) in Hasle Lystskov, which houses a good population of pike and perch, and Safirsøen (Sapphire Lake) – also in Hasle Lystskov. The latter boasts a healthy population of coarse fish (including carp), in addition to pike and perch.

Particularly family-friendly are Snorrebakkesøen and Kaolinsøen – both situated along the eastern periphery of Rønne. You can catch pike, tench, perch, roach, and eel in these lakes, and there are well-established parking lots and easy access. Ferskesø in Nexø is another city-limit lake in which you can catch eel, pike, perch, tench, and – during the fall season, seatrout. Otherwise, you should consider bringing some fishing tackle if you plan to visit the well-known Hammersø; an incredibly beautiful and gin-clear hike-in lake, where there is good fishing and particularly good chances of catching perch.


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