Skagerak – Island Stories Bornholm

Skagerak has been on Bornholm to explore its Nordic roots from a new and exciting perspective. A new magazine has emerged - Skagerak Island Stories 2018.

Skagerak (former Trip Trap) visited Bornholm in spring 2017 to shoot their product magazine for 2018. The magazine, which they have chosen to call Skagerak Island Stories Bornholm.

The magazine reports on how Bornholm may have found the solutions to some of the world’s major challenges today such as stress and work pressure, climate change, global competition and social responsibility.

Get ready and let Skagerak Island Stories Bornholm take you to Sandvig Is Kalas, The Danish Ceramics Factory, Hammerhavn Customs House, Svaneke Plantation and lead you to gastronomic adventures with interpretations of Bornholm classics and distinctive ingredients.

See the catalog in its entirety in the link below.

Skagerak Island Stories Bornholm

“This year, we turn our attention to Bornholm – Denmark’s Baltic Gem. Located far from the rest of Denmark in the Baltic Sea, Bornholm’s unique geography and climate have given it nicknames such as ‘the sunshine island’ and ‘rocky island’.”

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