Rocking stone in Rutsker Højlyng

There are three rocking stones on Bornholm. The boulder in Rutsker Højlyng is the medium sized of all three.

Rutsker Høyling has several big blocks, but the pedestal rock (rokkesten) is the most known of them and has a weight of about 20 tons.

When you come by car (or bike), use the small parking lot close to Slettevej no. 10, at the intersection of Slettevej / Lynggårdsvej.


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How to find the boulder

Slettevej 10B

3760 Gudhjem

Park you car (or bike) at the little parking lot at the intersection of Slettevej and Lynggårdsvej and follow the signs to the rocking stone (rokkesten).

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