Pedersker Church

Visit Pedersker Church on Bornholm. A legend is connected to this maybe oldest church on Bornholm.

Pedersker Church is probably built around 1100
Pedersker Church is named after the apostle Peter and is probably the oldest church on Bornholm from around year 1100. The simple shape indicates an early building period.

In records from the Lund Archdiocese it is written that Egin, the later bishop in Dalby, came to Bornholm in 1065 and he built churches on southern Bornholm. Therefore it is probable that Pedersker Church is from that period.

However, other sources assume that the church is a bit younger from approx. 1150 and that there was a previous wooden church on the site.

The legend of Bonavedde
The legend of Bonavedde is connected to Pedersker Church: Bonavedde lived at Tornegård just a few kilometres south of the church. He was the son of a farmer (bona) and a mermaid (vedde), thus his rather strange name. Bonavedde had a special gift, he could ”see” what was hidden for others. Thus he could also see the ”Goblins” and they had the habit of teasing each other.

The escape over the church wall
One night Bonavedde saw the goblins dancing and they offered him a cup. He said yes, but mistrusting what they might have put in the drink he threw the contents of the cup over his shoulder instead of drinking it. Some of the contents hit his horse, and where it had hit, hair and skin disappeared. To escape the goblins’ anger he spurred his horse and ran. When they reached the church wall around Pedersker Church they jumped over it. On holy ground the goblins could not reach him.

Bonne Vedes Kar”
Bonavedde later gave the cup to the church, where it for many years served as a chalice. In the church inventory from 1684 is noted a gilt copper cup, ”Bonne Vedes Kar”. However, the cup disappeared during a restoration of the church in 1880/1881 and has not been found since then.

Hoofprints” on the southern wall

On the southern wall around Pedersker Church is found a ”print” in one of the stones, assumed to be remaining from the hoof of Bonavedde’s horse when it jumped the wall.


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