Pedersker Forest

Also called the Lynggård forest

The area is situated on the southern part of Bornholm and consists of Pedersker Forest, which is a minor afforestation and recreational forest north of Pedersker town. In the mid 1990’s the forest was planted on old farmland as a part of the ground water protection, since it is an area with water catchment. North of this area is the Egeby ancient monument area, an old heather area, housing the biggest field of stone graves on Bornholm. Southeast of Pedersker, on a promontory at the Øle River, is situated Ringborgen (the Stronghold), an important area of cultural heritage, including fortifications from several millennia.

Pedersker forest, also called the Lynggaard forest, was planted to protect the ground water and thought as a new recreational area for the people living nearby. The forest is dominated by hardwood trees with beeches and oak as the main species. It is used as production forest considering the recreational values.

Sleep in the forest

In Pedersker Forest you are allowed to encamp for free, but stick to the rules, which you can find at the Naturstyrelsen website.

Read more about wild camping on Bornholm.

Also check out the Danish Website where you find an interactive map of large, small and primitive campsites. (choose “Sov under stjernerne”, then “frit teltningsområde” and “primitiv overnatningsplads”).


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