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Syp is a unique, Bornholm specialty.

Syp is a Bornholm schnapps that has been stirred with honey. And it’s not a strong, bitter schnapps as you know it!

FALK Bornholm’s syp and schnapps is handmade liqueur and can be enjoyed all year round and is suitable for example with fish, cheese, sausage, cake, and other desserts. On the website you can also find cocktail recipes where the syp and schnapps are included.

FALK Bornholm is behind a variety of handmade, Bornholm syps and schnaps. All syps and schnapps from FALK Bornholm are made with fruits, berries, nuts, and herbs, which are picked in the Bornholm nature – and what does not grow in nature, is grown in our own garden or picked up at Bornholm dealers.

Everything at FALK Bornholm is made by hand. The syps and schnapps are filtered and tapped by hand, and the labels are put on manually.

The honey used in the syp comes from beehives in Olsker. And since it is real honey that is used in the syp, sediment can form in the syp. Therefore, shake the bottle well before use.

The vodka, which is the base for FALK Bornholm’s products, comes from WILD Distillery in Åkirkeby.

It is Line Falk who is running FALK Bornholm, and it is Line herself, who makes sure that the production follows the course of the year, and who invents the recipes that form the season’s range. With her is her husband Tommi Falk, who also helps with the company and production.

FALK Bornholm has permits from the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration, Bornholm’s Regional Municipality, and the Danish Nature Agency to collect in the Bornholm nature, private forests, her own and others’ private gardens. On each bottle you can read where on Bornholm the different ingredients have been found.

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