Bicycle route Rønne-Hasle-Allinge

Go for a beautiful cycle ride between Rønne, Hasle and Allinge on Bornholm

From Rønne, an excellent cycle path takes you through Blykobbe Plantation to Hasle on the west coast of Bornholm.The tour is about 25 km long.

The fishing hamlets Helligpeder and Teglkås

North of Hasle you ride through the fishing hamlets of Helligpeder and Teglkås. The small road ends at Ginesminde, but the cycle path continues along one of the most impressive stretches of rocky coastline on Bornholm and up a 115-metre flight of stairs, which is very difficult for cyclists with trailers to negotiate.

Jons Chapel and Slotslyngen on Bornholm

Along the way you pass sights of interest like Jons Chapel (Jons Kapel), with its sheer cliffs dropping straight into the sea, the big granite quarry in the Ringebakkerne Hills, the fishing hamlet of Vang and Slotslyngen, the large wooded area just south of Hammershus. This route includes everything from deep ravines to magnificent coastal panoramas, and on a clear day you can even see Sweden’s Scania province, formerly part of Denmark, across the Baltic, known locally as the “Hammer Waters” (Hammervandet).


Helligpeder Fiskerleje

Visit the cosy fishing village Helligpeder


Teglkås Fiskerleje

Visit also Teglkås fishing village, a true treasure on the West Coast of Bornholm


Jons Kapel

See the legendary Chapel of Jon


Hammershus borgruin

You can also stop by Northern Europes largest castle ruin Hammershus on your tour.

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“Cycling Holiday on Bornholm” is our guide for bicycling guests on Bornholm with hints and tour suggestions. Order the guide for free via our webshop, get it in Bornholms Tourist Information or download it for free here.


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