At Christianshøjkroen, we, Nikolaj and Sofie, welcome you

We took over the lease of Christianshøjkroen and Kyllingemoderen in 2023, when we also moved into the inn. For us, it is therefore our way of life to open the doors, welcome you and ensure that you have a nice and relaxed experience here in the forest.

Nikolaj is, in addition to your host, also a chef. He ensures that the food at the inn is made with care and respect for the ingredients. They are selected with a focus on high quality, are locally rooted and made with consideration for nature, nutrition, and the environment. The kitchen has a clean and simple look. It is based on traditional cooking methods, with a sense of both the detail and the totality of the experience.

After his previous experiences in the world of cooking, he now has a simpler and more personal take on food. However, he never let go of his uncompromising focus on quality.

Sofie is the host with a capital “H”. Her heart beats for the place and the forest, and for the inn to reflect and harmonize with the tranquility found in the surroundings.

Sofie has created a homely, cozy, and unique atmosphere at the inn, which forms the framework for the personal hospitality. For Sofie, it is important that the inn’s living rooms invite you to take a break from everyday chores. She makes sure that you can breathe out and prioritize togetherness, enjoyment, and good times.

The whole is important to Sofie, and she appreciates that a visit to the Christianshøjkroen is also an opportunity to enjoy the changing nature of the forest through the seasons, and the historic rustle of wings at Christianshøj.

Historically, Sofie also has a connection to Christianshøj, as her great-grandfather, Johannes Theodor Lyngby, owned the Christianshøjpavillon (Christianshøjkroen) and hotel Jomfrubjerget, and had the Almindingspavillonen (Kyllingomoderen) built as a community center in the 1920s.

We look forward to welcoming you to Christianshøj.

Best regards from Sofie Edlev Nielsen and Nikolaj Jeppesen


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