Walk – Around Hammerknuden

Unless you actually hate rocks, we would venture the following claim: the route round the Hammer Promontory is one of the most spectacular trails in Denmark.

7 km in about 2-3 hours

You start this walk at Sandvig Family Camping. Lace on your boots and remember your water bottle. This route is not an easy one, and you should set aside 2-3 hours for its 7 or so kilometres. The most scenic direction is from Sandvig, but you can also start from Hammerhavn.

Lille Fyr and Salomons Kapel

From Sandvig proceed to Hammerodde, Bornholm’s most northerly point, with the pretty lighthouse Lille Fyr as your fix point. On the next stage of the walk you may well encounter sheep. These are stocked to preserve the nature of the vegetation. Further along the coast you will pass Salomons Kapel (Solomon’s Chapel), a ruined 14th century church. The church was used by the many people who made enormous catches of herring around Hammeren – a phenomenon which came to an end in the 15th century. Suddenly, there was no further use for the chapel.


After the ruin you will see a sign for the Store Fyr Lighthouse, but you should keep that for the way back, because the part of the path which lies ahead is perhaps the most beautiful of all. You will pass the formation Kælderhalsen, sloping 35 m down towards the sea, and the many cliff colonies, always well populated with birds.

See to Sweden – 37 km away

From this point you can see Hammershus – always a fine, impressive sight – but the path now leads away from the coast and over the Hammer Promontory. You will pass the picturesque man-made lakes of Opalsøen (Opal Lake), Hammersøen (Bornholm’s largest) and Krystalsøen (Crystal Lake), before arriving at Store Fyr lighthouse, towering some 70 m above sea level. Stop to enjoy the magnificent views (and take a little rest). In clear weather you can see all the way to Sweden, 37 km away. From the lighthouse it is not far to your starting point at Sandvig Family Camping.

Not suitable for walking-impaired and prams

The walk around Hammerknuden goes along small paths and steep rocky steps and therefore this walk is not suitable for walking-impaired and prams


Hammeren Fyr

Enjoy the view from the big lighthouse on top of the Hammerknuden. No admission fee.


Hammerodde Fyr

You can only see this lighthouse from the outside.


Salomons Kapel

This chapel was built for the many fishermen, who landed their fish here in the 13th, 14th and 15th century.

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