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Svaneke Savværk

Lovely holiday apartments for 4-7 people located in Svaneke's former sawmill, which was completely converted into a beautiful holiday resort in 2018. From Svaneke Sawmill you have less than 400 meters to Svaneke Torv with shops, restaurants and the beautiful market life.

Svaneke Sawmill

The sawmill in Svaneke consists of six delicious holiday apartments, which were completely renovated in 2018. As the name indicates, the apartments are arranged in Svaneke’s former sawmill. The exterior of the beautiful building has been preserved – for example, the old crane still stands in front of the building and testifies to a time when giant circular saws transformed large tree trunks into timber. Now you will instead find peace and idyll. On the inside, the entire sawmill has been completely rebuilt, and the skilled interior designer Lone Barslund has designed the beautiful apartments. The apartments are divided into two sizes:

Apartment for 4 people (60 m2)

Apartment located on the ground floor. Two bedrooms (one double and one twin), bathroom, large kitchen, living room with TV and sofa arrangement. From the apartment there is direct access to the terrace.

Apartment for 7 people (105 m2)

Apartment located on 2 levels (1st and 2nd floor). 1st floor is furnished with entrance hall, bathroom, large living room with TV and sofa arrangement, large kitchen and dining area. From the 1st floor there is access to the 2nd floor, where there are three lovely bedrooms. In each bedroom there is a double bed and in one bedroom there is an additional single bed. All bedrooms have twigs or balconies so that the bedrooms are bright and inviting. There is access to a shared terrace via stairs from the 1st floor. You can buy an apartment with sea view by selecting “Apartment 7 people with sea view” in the order box on Team Bornholms webpage.

Vacation at Svaneke Savværk

Read more about Svaneke Savværk and book your holiday on Team Bornholm’s website. With Team Bornholm you can book a package including ferry tickets, accomodation and free cancellation insurance.

You can also call 56 95 85 66, or email info@teambornholm.dk

Team Bornholm is always ready with good tips and advice for a wonderful holiday on Bornholm.



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