The inspiring yarn shop in Allinge

Strikkehjørnet (the knitting corner) by/ Jette Jensen is situated in Allinge on Bornholm. I started my shop in September 2013 at the beautiful yellow church in Allinge.

My idea is to sell quality experiences to modern knitters – whether it is yarn for trendy knitting or more classic. The shop is for both the experienced knitter who wants good materials for his needlework and the beginner who wants to get started. I strive to create an atmosphere where everyone is welcome regardless of age, style and experience. I am happy to help you further if there are knots in the work.

The characteristics of my products are that I prefer products of natural fibers such as alpaca, lambswool, lama wool and cotton.

At Strikkehjørnet you get good and individual service. I am a seasoned and passionate knitter as well as I follow the development of knitting and design.

My goal is to be able to create a good atmosphere and the closeness that comes with the choice of a new knitwear. It is important to me that you get a personal service. It is also important that you come home with the right thing and that you get to put your completely personal touch on whatever you want to knit. By mixing different colors and qualities, a lot of exciting possibilities open.

There is free knitting help in the store where you can get advice here and now. Bring both the recipe and the work you want help with. However, you cannot get thoroughly into the whole area of knitting as this requires both planning and teaching. Here I refer to my courses.

My motivation is to help preserve our popular knitting culture.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5123 6752


Web www.strikkehjø


Kirkeplads 1A, st. th.

3770 Allinge

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