Sports and fun experiences on Bornholm

Do you enjoy the active life during your holiday? Then come to Bornholm.

Bornholm offers lots of active experiences

Do you enjoy the active life during your holiday? And do you feel stressed by only sunbathing? Then Bornholm is the right place – the island is bursting with active possibilities.

Golf, cycle, riding, walks…

On Bornholm you can participate in lots of different and challenging races. Try for example the large marathon race – Etape Bornholm – which is a marathon over 5 days. Or try for examble an exciting dive, a guided walk, play golf like Tiger Woods, surf along some of the best beaches of Denmark, take a cycling tour or ride in the beautiful Bornholm nature. Bornholm gives you plenty of opportunities – the hardest will be entirely safe to choose!

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At GoBornholm, the possibilities for an active holiday on Bornholm are many and varied.


Nature Park Bornholm Tree Top Climbing Park

Try to climp in the tree top climbing park Nature Park Bornholm close to Gudhjem. An adventure for the whole family!

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