Spellinge Mose

Visit the moor along the old railway track between Klemensker and Rø

Close to the hill, where once the old fortress Storeborg was situated, you’ll find a moor area. This is Spellinge Mose, also called Spællinge Mose. During the First and Second World War, people went here for getting turf.

The river Spellinge Å runs through this area and continues to Døndalen, where the water forms Denmark’s highest waterfall.

Beautiful nature area

Spellinge Mose is a beautiful nature area. Walk around the moor and continue your tour through the Kleven valley on the old railway track.



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Rø Skolevej

3760 Gudhjem

Spellinge Mose is located where Rø Skolevej meets Krashavevej.

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