Sannes Familiecamping

Enjoy a wonderful holiday at Sannes Familiecamping close to Gudhjem. Our 5-star-rated campinsite is the highest rated site on Bornholm. We offer beautiful nature, breathtaking view on the sea, luxury cottages, high class facilities and a lot of activities for the whole family. Everything is aimed towards families - both great and small.

Summer holiday on Bornholm?

If you are looking for a holiday home, youth hostels, holiday parks, holiday apartments or bed and breakfasts for this year’s summer holiday, you should instead try to stay in a cabin at a campsite. You can choose a luxury cottage with private bath and kitchen, where you get the same comfort advantages as in a holiday home or holiday apartment, and on top of that you also get a campsite with swimming pool and playground. And then there is one more bonus – the children always have a lot of other children to play with and meet with in the playground, in the activity room or by the swimming pool. Try it. The whole family will have a nice, fantastic camping summer holiday.

Luxus cottages
Would you like the same comfort as in a summer house or apartment? Then you should try to rent one of our luxus cottages. All of them have a spa, white goods, and a large sundeck with view over the sea, as well as own bathroom and kitchen. On top of that you get a camping site with swimming pool and play ground. Your children will find a lot of other children to play with here, or in the acivity room or at the swimming pool. Thats how we work for the whole family to get a perfect stay.

Our history
In 1989, we – Susanne and Allan – bought the old Kongens Mark Camping and changed the name to Sannes Familiecamping. The site has changed from a little, 1-star-rated camping site to a 5-star-rated site with a high niveau of comfort. 2009 we bought Strandlunden Familiecamping, on the estate next to our. Today we have a beautiful site on a property that has a vertical difference of 24 metres. You have a view over the sea on most of the site and from some spots you can even see Christiansø.

Welcome to Sannes Familiecamping – we are looking forward to seeing you on Bornholm!

Susanne and Allan

At Sannes Familiecamping you’ll find:

  • New service building with all modern facilities:
    Heated during the cold times of the season. You will have clean and nice facilities at all times of the day. Separat section for children with smaller toilets, sinks, showers and changing area for babies. Nice family room with spa.
  • Swimmingpool for the whole family:
    With a 20 metres long and two metres wide water slide. Heated from abt. ultimo May to abt. primo September.
  • Funny activities:
    – New 18-hole-minigolf park “Bornholms Adventure Minigolfpark”
    – Playground with pirate castle
    – Activity area with Monky Tonky tent, moon cars, soccer ground and bouncy castle
    – TV-rooms, large satellite TV, cosy room with a fire place and a panorama view
    – Soccer play, snooker


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Melstedvej 39, Melsted

3760 Gudhjem

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