Hammer Harbour

Visit Hammer Harbour (Hammerhavnen), located near Hammershus.

Hammerhavn Harbour was rebuilt in 2012 with handsome granite casings and new amenities as part of a total investment of more than DKK 25 million.

Visiting yachters are welcome in the entire outer harbour basin and at vacant berths in the inner basin.

The harbour’s amenities comprise the popular café and multi-purpose building where you can eat a packed lunch and read the history of the era when the area’s granite industry employed a workforce of more than 300. Hammerhavn Harbour nestles in a magnificent landscape at the foot of the biggest castle ruin in northern Europe: Hammershus.

The harbour is an ideal base for unique scenic rambles in both Slotslyngen and Hammerknuden or for Hammerhus’s new visitor’s centre inspired by world-renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

The highlight of a boat trip on the harbour’s sightseeing boats is entering one of the 70-
metre deep caves carved into the bird cliffs. Enjoy the harbour’s nightingale’s song at sunset and bathe at the harbour’s own sandy beach; catch your own fish for dinner from either the pier or the local trolling/jigging boat.

The harbour is a splendid base for unique skin-diving experiences, such as diving deep into the caves of Hammerknuden or exploring the biggest shipwrecks in northern Europe.

The harbour is the point of departure for a range of outdoor activities: the Stone Quarry Museum, the Hammer nature area with the Hammer Odde Lighthouse, Jons Kapel rock formation, the Wonderfestiwall music festival, Hammersøen Lake and the longest aerial ropeway in Denmark where a 290-metre ride down the ropeway ends with a dip in Opalsøen Lake.

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