Payment parking at Hammershus

Hammershus has now got a new visitor center and a new car park with payment parking.

Below you can read the most common questions about parking at Hammershus.


What does it cost?
  • 35 kroner for 6 hours
  • Parkering fees are in effect between the Saturday before Palm Sunday and the Danish autumn holiday (Danish: “efterårsferie” – week 42).
  • Disabled people can park for free on a special disabled parking

How do I pay?

Note: It is recommended to use the EasyPark app to pay for parking at Hammershus. This is the easiest solution, as there may be confusion about the operation of the parking meters. The app is available to IOS (iPhone) here or Android here.

  • Payment can be made with coins, all regular payment cards and the EasyPark app
  • When paying for the paid parking, enter the licence plate number
  • You do not need a parking ticket: The traffic wardens will control the license plates instead
  • The area number of the car park, is written on the signs at the parking meter.
Why is there payment parking at Hammershus?
  • Revenue from the payment center goes to the Hammershus and the area around it.
  • It pays for ongoing restoration of the ruin
  • It pays for the operation of the visitor center and ensure that it is free to go and see the exhibition
  • It pays for the operation of public facilities around the ruin

How can the Nature Agency be allowed to charge for parking?

  • A notice has been issued that gives the basis for it and sets the framework
  • It is called: Notice of payment for parking on the parking lot in connection with Hammershus visitor Center (in danish: Bekendtgørelse om betaling for parkering på p-plads i tilknytning til Hammershus Besøgscenter)

Is there a traffic warden at the place?

  • Yes, several times a day.

Who is responsible for the payment parking?

  • The operation of payment parking is carried out by ParkZone
  • It is also them who operates as traffic wardens

I would like to make a complaint about a parking ticket

  • You can make a complaint by contacting ParkZone, who is responsible for the payment parking.
  • Their phone number is: +45 70 25 26 96
  • You can find more info on parking fees and contact info at: (website in danish)

I have a complaint about signs or parking meters at the car park

  • You can make a complaint by contacting ParkZone, who is also responsible for payment. Their phone number is: +45 70 25 26 96

Where can I park for free?

  • If you don’t mind walking a bit longer, then you can park for free at several parking places at Hammersholm / Moseløkken, on the Opal Lake and at Hammerhavn.

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