Ferielejlighed Bornholm

Østersøen Ferielejligheder

Lovely holiday apartments for 2-10 people located directly at Svaneke Harbor. Decorated in a former grocery store from the 18th century. Cozy patio with swimming pool. One of Bornholm's most coveted resorts.

Wake up to Denmark’s first rays of the sun

Svaneke and Østersøens Apartments are the place if you who want quality and atmosphere at a high level. Look forward to waking up to Denmark’s first rays of the sun. The apartments is located on one of Denmark’s easternmost points.

Look forward to beautiful apartments

The apartments are furnished for 2-10 people and have either a cozy sun terrace or a fantastic view of Svaneke Harbor and the Baltic Sea. Look forward to beautiful apartments, all of which are non-smoking. The apartments are all individually decorated, which you can read more about here. All apartments have a fast and well-functioning fiber internet.

Live in a 18th-century grocery store

The old grocery store from the 18th century has been converted into 21 delicious holiday apartments. The courtyard in the middle of the old grocery store has been converted into a patio with fig trees, palm trees and swimming pool (heated 15 May to 15 September).

Vacation at Østersøens Ferielejligheder

Read more about Østersøens Ferielejligheder and book your holiday on Team Bornholm’s website. With Team Bornholm you can book a package including ferry tickets, accomodation and free cancellation insurance.
You can also call 56 95 85 66, or email info@teambornholm.dk

Team Bornholm is always ready with good tips and advice for a wonderful holiday on Bornholm.



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