Østermarie Church

Visit Østermarie Church situated on the eastern edge of Østermarie.

About the church

Østermarie Church was consecrated on 18 October 1891.
The church is built in “Paradise-granite” and is drawn by architect Andreas Clemmensen (who also worked on the building of the present Christiansborg).
The ruin is the remains of a church erected approx in year 1200. It was preserved due to some architectonic building details.

The original roofconstruction was totally made of stone – only the upper shingling of the roof was made of wood.
The construction of the new church is mentioned by i.e. Martin Andersen Nexø in his memoirs ”Under the open Sky”.
At the construction the church could hold 1000 people (at present up to 400). It amounted to DKK 53.460,80 incl. the demolition of the old church and some necessary extra work.

The altar

The altar in Østermarie appears as it was colour-set by the bornholm artist Poul Høm at the restoring of the church.
The altar from the old church can be seen at Bornholms Museum.

The baptismal font

The baptismal font is from approx. 1250 and is produced at Gotland from granite.
The baptismal bowl is from approx. 1575, made in Nürnberg and shows the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.

The author Martin Andersen Nexø did also build…
Østermarie Kirke is erected as a cross-church in dark paradise granite and amongst the workers erecting the church was also the author Martin Andersen Nexø. South of the church is the ruins of the old church erected approx. 1225.


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