Kobbeå beach

Kobbeå beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Bornholm.

Kobbeå beach – a small jewel
Kobbeå beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Bornholm, but a small jewel that is mainly used by the locals and people staying at the nearby campsites.

Kobbeå beach – a rocky beach
Even though Kobbeå beach is very much a rocky beach with pebbles at the waterline, there are several places with a sandy bottom where you can enter the water. At one end of the beach the Kobbeå Stream runs down to the sea, providing hours of fun for children.


Parking and facililities
You’ll find parking by the beach, and here you’ll also find a restroom. If you want to buy something to eat or drink you can visit the small shop at the nearby campsite.

Take a walk to the Stavehøl waterfall
We recommend following the Kobbeå Stream up its extraordinary fault valley to the beautiful Stavehøl waterfall if you fancy a walk.


Opening season

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