Kobbeå beach

Kobbeå beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Bornholm.

Kobbeå beach – a small jewel
Kobbeå beach is one of the lesser-known beaches on Bornholm, but a small jewel that is mainly used by the locals and people staying at the nearby campsites.

Kobbeå beach – a rocky beach
Even though Kobbeå beach is very much a rocky beach with pebbles at the waterline, there are several places with a sandy bottom where you can enter the water. At one end of the beach the Kobbeå Stream runs down to the sea, providing hours of fun for children.

Take a walk to the Stavehøl waterfall
If you fancy a walk, we recommend that you follow the Kobbeå Stream up its very special fault valley to the beautiful Stavehøl waterfall.



  • Melstedvej 47
  • 3760 Gudhjem


Tags: Beach, Gudhjem, Nature

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