Knuds Church

St. Knud's Church is located a little east of the village of Knudsker, approx. 3 km east of Ronne

About the church.

The church has its name after the Danish King Knud the Holy (1080-1086). The church was probably built between 1150 and 1200. The date and year of the dedication are unknown.

The church building

Is in Romanesque style, it consists of ship, choir, apse, tower and porch. The porch is the only part of the church which was built later (probably during the late medieval). The tower was built at the same time as the church, not as a bell tower, but as a fortress tower.

 The church’s main body, the ship, was not so high initially. The walls were later raised twice in late 1906.


Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 5695 3295



Stavelund 19

3700 Rønne


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