Hotel GSH

Comfort, gastronomy and sustainability in one catch.

Immediately when you pass Hotel GSH in Rønne you may think: Oh, just another newly renovated hotel. However, it is much more than that. It is actually one of the world’s greenest hotel and conference centers. A place that is committed to sustainability, but also aesthetic, lots of daylight, excellent food and a lovely scenery. A place that gives room to think, meet, talk, work and relax as a green consumer. There is no reason to feel guilty about well-being and enjoyment. While you enjoy the wonderful surroundings and the hotel’s service, you contribute to restore energy and clean water.

Everywhere there are selected green solutions that not only respects the environment, but also helps to give you a greater well-being. The indoor climate is the best you can dream of. Both textiles and electronics and the materials on the floors, walls and ceiling are chosen so the air you breathe is as clean and dust-free as possible.

It is an experience in itself to stay in a green hotel oasis, where you can study how the newest and most sustainable materials and methods work together in practice. A bit like being in a kind of continuous laboratory, where you can not help but be inspired to equip your own home and garden more environment friendly. But what is special about Hotel GSH is that you – despite sustainability – don’t need to sacrifice the enjoyment and sensuality during your visit. Rather the opposite of it.

In the Restaurant GSH – which has just received two stars in the Danish Dining Guide – you can eat a well-prepared meal based on ingredients from Bornholm. And – the restaurant is also the only restaurant at Bornholm, that has got the Organic Food Label where 30-60% of the ingredients are organic.

So come and enjoy your holiday in the Hotel GSH – a sustainable base for your experiences on Bornholm.

Handicap-friendly hotel

Hotel GSH is handicap-firendly – you can read more about its facilities in detail here.


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  • Strandvejen 79
  • 3700 Rønne
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