Hammerodde Fyr

Hammerodde Fyr - or Hammer Odde Lighthouse - was built in 1895 as a support to the Hammeren lighthouse on top of Hammerknuden.

Hammerodde Fyr – or Hammer Odde Lighthouse – was built in 1895 as a supporting lighthouse to Hammeren Fyr on top of the Hammerknuden. Because of low clouds and fog, the light from the main lighthouse could often not be seen down on the water. Hammer Odde lighthouse is still in regular use and can only be visited from the outside.

The old staff buildings are nowadays used as summer holiday houses by private owners.

How do I get to the lighthouse?
Park your car at Hammerknuden parking and walk about 800 metres along the narrow path to the lighthouse. The path is not suitable for cars. Biking is prohibited as well.

The path is paved and is therefore accessible for wheelchairs. However, you should be aware that the path is hilly in some places and that there is a cattle grate at the beginning of the path.

After you have come to the lighthouse – you could continue on the coastal path to Salomons kapel (Salomon’s Chapel) or even all the way around the northern tip of Bornholm down to the Hammer harbour.


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