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At Feriepartner Bornholm you will find the biggest selection of quality holiday homes on Bornholm.

A holiday home is a perfect way to spend your vacation on Bornholm. It is a perfect base for the many fantastic activates that Bornholm can offer, but also a good place for the family to spend some time together.

We can offer over 550 quality holiday homes – from standard houses to luxurious homes on the best location on the island. It is all up to you. We guarantee good service and competitive prices.

Welcome to a good experience
Feriepartner Bornholm is your local, private holiday home rental agency. We are Bornholm’s biggest agency and we focus on great service. We have great local knowhow, we know our houses and are more than glad to help you choose the right house/area. We can also give you information about activities on the island or how to get here. – Just ask us – We know.

Special deals outside high season
As a couple/two persons traveling outside high season we can offer you great discounts. If you are 6 people or less a special deal is possible if you rent a large luxurious house in the outer season. We also offer homes for 4 persons in outer season from 1.595,90 dkk incl. consumption.

Visit www.feriepartner.dk/bornholm for booking and more information.

Culture, nature, experiences and activities for the whole family
Bornholm must be experienced. The extraordinary nature at the rocky islands and great atmosphere attracts tourist to come over and over again. The relaxed and charming atmosphere combined with a multitude of experiences makes the island a perfect fit for everyone. For the culturally minded, there are many exciting museums and sights as well as many talented arti-sans. Bornholm is also well-known for its gourmet cuisines, based on local ingredients. Try some of the many local specialties that you find all over Bornholm or what about a visit and lunch at one of the many smokehouses around the island.
If you want outdoor activities you have come to the right place, as Bornholm offers a wide range of outdoor activities as golf, mountain biking, canoeing, rock climbing, fishing, hiking and many more.

We cannot wait to help you to a great vacation on Bornholm and look forward to hear from you.

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