Visit Wild Clay Research Project at Agresgård ceramic center

14. September 2024 - 14. September 2024

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Agregård open the doors on Saturday, September 14th, from 10-13 as a prelude to the opening of the European Ceramic Context 2024.
It’s a tradition for ceramicists to invite fellow artists to Agregård. Potter Iwami Shinsuke has been coming to Agregård since 2017. In 2017, Iwami Shinsuke and the ceramicists at Agregård began a research project focused on the dogma of exclusively using raw materials found within their respective workshop areas. With history and geology as their teachers, the Bornholm Wild Clay Research Project became a reality. Saturday morning will feature a demonstration of Iwami Shinsuke’s work on the potter’s wheel, as well as the work of the young Japanese ceramist Ogino Yoshifumi with Japanese decoration techniques. Following that, there will be a tour of Agregård’s clay factory and wood-fired kilns.
The tour will end with a sandwich in the gallery, accompanied by an informal discussion about professionalism and sustainability, before heading to the official openings of the European Ceramic Context 2024.
The price is 100 DKK per person, including a light lunch and beverages.
Reserve your spot by sending an email to:



10:00 - 13:00

Tags: Culture

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