PLASTIGMA - Exhibition and conversation

15. September 2024 - 15. September 2024

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PLASTIGMA presents a platform for transforming the negative connotations surrounding plastic and redirects attention toward future-oriented conversations focused on the optimal and responsible utilisation.
Local craftsmen of Bornholm have come together to create artworks using plastic waste. The artists’ commitment and wholehearted ownership of the project reflect genuine interest in driving meaningful change. Their unique approach to material and creations will serve as a wellspring of inspiration and kick-start engaging discussions.
Experience the exhibition and learn about the project. The exhibition is displayed in the Waste Tower, which is Bornholm’s green information center at BOFA.
The following artisans are involved in the project:
Ann Charlott Skogøy (textile designer), Bettina Drejer Prejsler (jewelry designer), Chirara Della Cava (ceramicist), Jessica Gomez (ceramicist), Jinmyung Choi (wood designer), May Riis (glassmaker), Rikke Wulff (ceramicist), Timmi Kromann (textile designer).



10:00 - 12:00

Tags: Culture

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