Guided tour of the exhibition "WHITE"

12. September 2024 - 12. September 2024

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13 artisans of 10 different nationalities, all residing on Bornholm, participate in the exhibition.
They have explored and interpreted the theme “WHITE” while also reflecting on how their upbringing, nationality, and surroundings – or the combination of these factors – influence their artistic expression.
The artists come from the following countries:
Sweden: Ann-Charlotte Olsson (ceramics), Canada: Inkyong Lee (ceramics) and Jin Choi (wood), USA: Joshua Hebbert (ceramics), Colombia: Jessica Gomez (ceramics), Japan: Kumiko Kimbari Asti (ceramics) and Kaori Juzu (precious metal), Romania: Alexandru Murar (ceramics), Iceland: Magret Elin Thordadottir (ceramics), Norway: Lene Dahl Jacobsen (glass), the Netherlands: Rick Gerner (ceramics/glass Germany: Timmi B. Kromann (textile), Denmark: Gitte Helle (ceramics).
 Timmi Kromann gives a guided tour in Danish at 2 PM
Timmi Kromann gives a guided tour in German at 3 PM



14:00 - 16:00


Adults: kr. 50,-

Tags: Culture

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