Artist talk in the exhibition Continuum

12. September 2024 - 12. September 2024

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Artist talk in the exhibition Continuum at R2 Gallery in Svaneke.
The exhibition features works by six artists who both support and challenge each other’s visual expressions. The works create space for new interpretations and together form a surprising and tactile synergy.
The artists are Anne Lass (photography), Heidi Hentze (ceramics), Iben Birch Bech (textiles), Mia Lerssi (mixed media), Sander Boeijink (sculpture), and Stig Rex (painting). This is the second time the group is exhibiting together, but the first time here on Bornholm. Meet the artists behind the exhibition and hear about the thoughts and work behind it.



16:00 - 17:00

Tags: Culture

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