The fennoscandian zone

Would you like to straddle 1,2 billion years, then come to the fennoscandian zone on the outskirts of Aakirkeby.

Try straddling 1,2 billion years near NaturBornholm
At Klintebakken outside the experience center NaturBornholm in Aakirkeby you can straddle 1,2 billion years – here the faultzone is visible, which separates the island in the ancient north Bornholm granite bedrock and the south Bornholm sandstone layers, which are 1.200 million years younger. And it is not just a bornholm faultzone, but a european faultzone!

On Bornholm the faultzone is visible

The fennoscandian faultzone starts in Skagerrak, goes straight through Bornholm and is lost in the Black Sea. On Bornholm the faultzone is visible, right under the ground layer – so outside the NaturBornholm Experience Center you can literally straddle 1.2 billion years.

The Bornholm underground is separated in two
Through the Bornholm underground there is a separation. On the northern side you can see the ancient bedrock and on the south side the geology is characterized by younger deposits (primary sandstone). This separation in the underground is caused by large crust movements approx. 2-300 million years before our time. At that time the Bornholm underground had not yet separated, but was a part of the European Continental Plate.

The European continental plate gives in to the pressure of the African plate.

At a time the African continental plate starts pushing Europe from the south. The northern part of Europe with the Scandinavian bedrock is, however, so solidly grounded that something must break. In the end the European plate gives in and collapses crosswise. This can be seen today by faults and dislocation of the ground layers on a 50-150 km wide zone aross Europe. This ”collapse zone” is called the ”Tornquistzone” or the Fennoscandian fault zone.



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