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Are you looking for a painting from Bornholm? Visit Gallery O'Rourke in the heart of Gudhjem and find that unique piece of the island you've been looking for.

Bornholm has something special, and it is the indescribable essence of the island that I try to capture in my oil paintings.

I’m sure you’re as captivated by the island as I am, so feel free to drop by my gallery in Gudhjem and see if anything catches your eye.

And during your visit, there’s a good chance you’ll see a painting being created by me ‘live’ at the easel, because that’s where I spend most of my day…

See you there!

Daniel O’Rourke

**OPEN FROM 9 MAY 2024**

All information, including opening hours, can be found further down the page under ‘Info’



Opening hours this week:




Tlf. +45 30 72 06 89

E-mail daniel@orourke.dk

Web www.orourke.dk


Åbogade 9

3760 Gudhjem

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