Bicycle route – Allinge-Almindingen-Aakirkeby

You will start your bicycle ride in the north of Bornholm.

The varied landscape of the northern part of Bornholm

The varied landscape of the northern part of Bornholm includes natural woodland, isolated granite outcrops, fields and stone walls. It is a demanding and rewarding area for cyclists. Bronze Age inhabitants cut ritual rock engravings right into the rocks overlooking Allinge.

Olsker Round Church

The Olsker Round Church stands 113 m above sea level. The church was built as a fortress, storeroom and place of worship.

From Rutsker Højlyng to Almindingen

Passing through a hilly landscape with a view to Christiansø, you arrive at Rutsker Højlyng, a moorland area with Rokkestenen, a large erratic boulder, and the mysterious Stenrøret. After passing through Spellinge Bog and Rø Plantation you reach Almindingen Forest. In the forest you will find the idyllic Bastemose and Svinemose bogs, which are a popular breeding site for a number of ducks and birds.

The Echo Valley

Ekkodalen – literally the Echo Valley and the Folk High School of Bornholm lie to the south of the forest – a few kilometres from Aakirkeby.

Sights along the cycle route


Olsker round church

At 28 metres, Olsker Round Church is the tallest of the round churches on Bornholm and the most elegant seen from the outside.


Pedestal Rocks on Bornholm

Visit Bornholm and see the three pedestal rocks on the island. You'll find them in the Paradise Hills (Paradisbakkerne), in the Almindingen Forest and in the Rutsker Højlyng nature area.



Visit the beautiful forest Almindingen on Bornholm. Almindingen - eller "all mans possession" - is Denmarks fifth biggest forest with an area of about 6.000 hektar or nearly 15,000 acres



Visit Ekkodalen (the Echo Valley) in the Almindingen forest on Bornholm. The Echo Valley is Bornholms longest rift valley.


Aa Church

Visit Aa Kirke, which is Bornholm's oldest and largest church.

Download our bike guide here

“Cycling Holiday on Bornholm” is our guide to bicycle holiday guests on Bornholm, with tour suggestions and maps. You can order the bike guide in our webshop, download it free of charge in Bornholm Tourist Information or download it here.


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