Visit 20 acres of bog area in Almindingen. Experience the rich and diverse nature up close.

Experience this in Bastemose bog

Bastemose is one of the best places to experience rich and diversified nature. In early summer, white waterlilies, water soldiers and common frogbit bloom. In addition, there are over 20 different species of dragonflies and water nymphs. You may be lucky enough to spot the rare large water beetle from the footbridge.

For the bird enthusiast
Bastemose is the perfect place if you are interested in birds. You can, among other things, spot cranes, Eurasian Bittern and falcons. On good days, you can even experience groups of 5-10 falcons hunting above the bog.

If you want to know more about the birdlife on Bornholm, you can read the article experience the rich birdlife on Bornholm.

Where does “Bastemosen” originate from?

Bastemose gets its name from old times when bast fibres were extracted from the nearby linden trees. Bast is, among other things, used for making ropes.

Handicap-friendly birdwatching tower

When you park your car in the parking lot at Segenvej, you have to walk about 50 meters on a flat gravel path before you reach the birdwatching tower.

The birdwatching tower is equipped with a long oak ramp which makes it possible for wheelchair users to visit the lower deck of the bird tower.

You get a great view of the bog and the birdlife from the bird tower.



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Park your car at the parking lot near Bastemose in Almindingen.

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