Bakkerne Harbour

Come visit one of the smallest fishery ports in picturesque Pedersker on Bornholm

Bakkerne Harbour

Bakkerne Harbour is an offshore harbour and one of the smallest fishery ports on the island with a water depth of 1 m.

The harbour’s closest neighbours are the charming fishing cabins, the local smokehouse, a bicycle rental shop and miniature golf.

The biggest stream on Bornholm Læsåen flows into the sea approx. 300 m east of the harbour, and if you follow the stream you will find the island’s biggest freshwater system for sea trout, a watermill, and Denmark’s only geographical intersection where 55 degrees north meets 15 degrees east.

Next to the harbour is the lovely area Østre Sømark where you can go for a swim.

There are toilets at the parking lot by the harbour.

Do you want to learn more about the harbours on Bornholm?

Destination Bornholm offers a free pleasure craft guide in the webshop



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  • Østre Sømarksvej 30
  • 3720 Aakirkeby


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