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At Svaneke Square there was once a bakery. The beautiful bakery building from the end of the 19th century, was rebuilt in 2019 - and on the 1st floor you will find today two beautiful holiday apartments, both of which are furnished for 4 people. Look forward to delicious and well-appointed apartments in a perfect location in Svaneke.

Stay at Svaneke Square in Bornholm’s most coveted holiday town

Svaneke is Bornholm’s most coveted holiday town – not least due to the fantastic atmosphere on Torvet in Svaneke. In the “old days” there was a bakery on the square in Svaneke – therefore the building was named “Svaneke Bakery”. In 2019, the iconic building was renovated and completely rebuilt. On the 1st floor, two beautiful holiday apartments have been made, both of which are furnished for 4 people. These are some of the best located holiday apartments in Svaneke. You live on Svaneke Square with the beautiful market life right in front of you – while you are close to the harbor and the cozy atmosphere there. Read more about Svaneke here.

Let yourself be pampered with rare wines and good food at Vinøst

On the ground floor, the wine shop “Vinøst” is housed. Here you can get light snacks for lunch and dinner, while you are pampered with rare wines of high quality – and of course at reasonable prices. The employees have a great knowledge of wine, so tell them about your wishes – and let yourself be pampered at Vinøst. The wines are primarily from smaller wineries – and based on organic or biodynamic cultivation methods. The food is a world cuisine with dishes from all over the world – and the food is of course served with appropriate wines.

Charming historic building

The building was originally built in 1897 – and now it has regained its charming and nostalgic expression. However, the holiday apartments have a modern decor with a large kitchen, beautiful living room, nice bathroom and nice bedrooms. Look forward to beautiful holiday apartments.

Vacation at Bageriet

Read more about Bageriet and book your holiday on Team Bornholm’s website. With Team Bornholm you can book a package including ferry tickets, accomodation and free cancellation insurance.

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