Allinge Harbour

Visit the popular Allinge Harbour beautifully situated on the northern coast of Bornholm

Allinge Harbour

Allinge Harbour is an authentic Bornholm port, blasted to accommodate deep-draught vessels, as it has also served as a car-ferry port with regular service to Sweden. The former ticket office for the ferry route to Simrishamn on the quay now houses the tourist office.

The blasted granite boulders were used to make the solid harbour works protecting against up to seven-metre-high waves formed along the open stretch of the Baltic across the 600 kilometres to the Gulf of Finland. Another jetty was added to the harbour to provide further protection in 2006. Even so, the inner dock is occasionally shut off from the outer dock in strong onshore winds. Today, the harbour is so popular, even if it is only used by visiting yachters, that in the peak season it can be necessary to raise the black signal spheres/three red lights signalling that every space is sold out. Visiting yachters are welcome throughout the harbour, which only has a few local boats that don’t mind too much about being blocked in by visiting yachters in the peak season.


Madsebakke rock carvings can be experienced next to the new nature path connecting Allinge to Hammershus. On the way, you will pass the Habbe Dam reservoir, where the sluice distributes water between the watermill in Allinge and the watermill at Hammershus. In addition to this, Allinge Harbour has truly become nationally famous by virtue of Denmark’s large National Political Festival attended by 114,000 people in 2019.

The port is situated at the centre of the town and surrounded by an interesting urban environment of fine shops and restaurants right on the quay, a boiled sweets workshop/shop, craft art
and a complete array of seafood. In peak season nationally renowned names perform daily on the stage of Gæsten, a unique open-air music venue 100 metres from the waterfront.



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