Allinge Harbour

Visit the popular Allinge Harbour beautifully situated on the northern coast of Bornholm

Allinge Harbour

Allinge Harbour is a popular place for tourists and sailboats, and it’s not hard to guess why. In Allinge there are plenty of restaurants, special stores, supermarkets, a lively urban environment, and last but not least incredible nature. In Allinge you can explore the ancient landscape and see Denmark’s largest set of rock carvings from the Bronze Age and the beautiful nature trail that will take you directly to Hammershus castle ruin.

At Allinge Harbour there are showers, toilets, washing machines as well as a tourist information.

Do you want to learn more about the harbours on Bornholm?

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  • Sverigesvej 13
  • 3770 Allinge


  • Tel. +45 5692 2328
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