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Årsdale Søpark

Beautiful holiday apartments for 2-6 people located in the small charming fishing village Årsdale - a little south of Svaneke. A beautiful holiday resort, designed by the local designer, Pernille Bülow.

Beautiful holiday apartments in Årsdale

Årsdale Søpark is located in the charming fishing village Årsdale – just a 2 minutes drive south of Svaneke. At Årsdale you will be greeted by the town’s landmark: The beautiful Dutch mill from the 19th century. As the wings slowly turn around in the warm breeze, you can feel the holiday atmosphere. And the holiday atmosphere only gets better when you arrive at Årsdale Søpark. Here you are welcomed by beautiful holiday apartments for 2-4 and 4-6 people, all of which are decorated by the local designer, Pernille Bülow.

For a small extra charge you can choose holiday apartments with sea view over the city roofs. All holiday apartments are located on the ground floor, just as all apartments have either a terrace or balcony. The terrain in front of the apartments slopes, which is why some of the apartments have a balcony instead of a terrace. For apartments with sea views, the terrace / balcony faces east, while the standard apartments without sea views have the terrace facing west.

Borrow a free bike and go exploring

Bornholm’s extensive network of cycle paths is just 200 meters from Årsdale Lake Park. As a guest at Årsdale Lake Park, you can borrow a bicycle for free. Bring a picnic basket and go for a walk along the rolling cornfields – or drive the small trip to the neighboring town of Svaneke, which also has a lovely atmosphere. In addition to free loan of bicycles, you can also borrow a washing machine and dryer for free, just as you can enjout the free wifi at Årsdale Søpark.

Vacation at Årsdale Søpark

Read more about Årsdale Søpark and book your holiday on Team Bornholm’s website. With Team Bornholm you can book a package including ferry tickets, accomodation and free cancellation insurance.

You can also call 56 95 85 66, or email info@teambornholm.dk

Team Bornholm is always ready with good tips and advice for a wonderful holiday on Bornholm.



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