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Destination Bornholm
Ndr. Kystvej 3
3700 Rønne
CVR: 15 73 17 96
Tlf.: 56 95 95 00

Prices and currency

All prices on are existing sales prices in DKK incl. 25% VAT, though excluding fees and delivery costs when the payment has been carried out with a credit card.

The prices are always shown in DKK.

Transactions will always be carried out in DKK. The card issuer can apply charges in the case of currency conversion. Destination Bornholm is not responsible for charges applied by the card issuer.

Items delivered to countries outside of the EU are exempt from VAT.  However, a customs duty might apply for which Destination Bornholm is not responsible. Delivery costs are added to the order. We reserve the right to correct errata, update errors, price changes and products that are sold out or expired.


As a private customer payment is only possible by means of credit card because this safeguards you in the best possible way as a consumer. We accept the following cards: VISA/Dankort, VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard/Eurocard, Maestro or JCB. When you pay by card, we will not charge your card until the products have been shipped from us. You will receive the receipt for the payment together with your products. Destination Bornholm does NOT charge fees from PBS for completed transactions. You will only be charged the amount you have been able to see on the payment page.


By default, most of the products shown on the website will be in stock. Some products might be sold out temporarily.


We cannot guarantee that the tourist information offices have the same products in stock as the webshop. The delivery time will normally be 10-14 weekdays for shipments. You will receive an email from us when your order has been shipped.




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