Walk – Around Dueodde

Go for a walk at Dueodde - the southernmost point of Bornholm. The tour takes about two hours and is about 6 km long.

A special nature experience

A walk in the huge sand dunes at Dueodde is an excellent way to experience nature.

Dueodde Lighthouse

Feel the fine sand under your feet in the huge sand dunes, be blown about on the wide, south-facing beach, seek shelter among the pine trees behind the sand dunes or run up the 196 stairs of the 47-metre lighthouse and look out over the sea and much of Bornholm.

A bunker from the war

In the pine forest of Dueodde you can also experience one of the old bunkers of wartime. Here, some 17 meters long guns should be located, which could shoot 42 kilometers, and by this close all entering from the East. The Germans planned four gun posts, but only two of these were built. The purpose of the gun positions was to fire at the ships, which were sailing south of Bornholm. You will find the bunkers along the street “Skrokkegårdsvejen”.

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