Verona Sportsfiskeri

We create unique fishing experiences.

Verona Sportsfiskeri offers charter sailing and fishing trips with Verona, a fully equipped boat with the latest Garmin technology and 250 kWh engines. Verona sails from Hammerhavn and Tejn Havn, which is close to Allinge-Sandvig, and always makes sure to have high safety on board.

Whatever type of fishing experience you choose, a good day at sea awaits. With Verona we get to the fishing grounds quickly, and with fishing guide Per Sjøstrøm’s many years of experience, there are good opportunities for fish on the hook, but nothing is guaranteed. That’s exactly what sport fishing is all about!

At Verona Sportsfiskeri, safety and experience are top notch, and this is the basic framework for a successful experience at sea! In addition to this, good mood, high service, modern facilities, latest technology, and the great Baltic Sea to fish in.

We look forward to having you on board!



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2324 9841





3770 Allinge


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