Sundhedscenter Bornholm

Enjoy fitness during your holiday in Sundhedscenter Bornholm in Nexø, Rønne, Allinge and Aakirkeby.

Fitnesscenter on Bornholm
“Sundhedscenter Bornholm” has fitness centers in Nexø, Allinge, Aakirkeby and in the Center of Rønne. Here you can do regular fitness training or participate in the LesMills group fitness program.

Shortterm memberships for visitors and tourists
We offer shortterm memberships for visitors and tourists, by which you get free access to all four gyms on the Island. 1-day-membership (DKK 75), 2-days (DKK 99), 7-days (DKK 150), 14-days (DKK 200), 3 weeks (DKK 299) and 1-month-membership (DKK 399).

All memberships are sold online and the access codes are issued on the receipt (ID = member number | Pin = ddmm in birthday).

You can order and pay these memberships on our website (and receive an access code to the gyms) – or come to our offices at the fitness centers in Nexø and Rønne Center (Nexø: Monday, Wednesday 10 am – 12 am | Rønne: Tuesday 10 am – 12 am).

Buy your membership here

You can buy your membership on our website

See our vacation friendly membership options

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Opening hours:

  • Every day from 5.00 am - 11.00 pm


  • Sdr. Hammer 39
  • 3730 Nexø
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