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Strandløkken are newly renovated (2020) holiday homes located by forest, beach and town on Strandvejen in Rønne. Look forward to beautiful holiday homes with a good decor and a great location. The holiday homes are furnished for 4 or 4-6 people.


Strandløkken – New and beautiful holiday homes

It can be difficult to choose the location for your vacation. Do you want to live comfortably by the forest? Do you want to be close to the beach? Do you want to be within walking distance to shopping and city life? At Strandløkken, your holiday choice will be easy, because with your beautiful location on Strandvejen in Rønne, you live close to everything. The forest is 200 meters from you. The white sandy beach is 300 meters away and you can walk along the forest paths into the town. If you are into good restaurants, then two of the island’s best restaurants are within 500 meters of you.

Does it get any better? Yes – it can, because the holiday homes in Strandløkken were completely renovated in the spring of 2020, so that you can look forward to “new” and beautiful holiday homes. Strandløkken consists of 28 holiday homes, which are located in a row. If you are “only” 2 people, you have the opportunity to get a discount – read more about the discount option by clicking here.

The holiday homes are divided into holiday homes for 4 people and holiday homes for 4-6 people.

Holiday at Strandløkken

2 person discount

If you are “only” travelling as 2 people, you have the opportunity to get a discount of up 20%.
Read more about our 2 person discount here.

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Book your holiday on Team Bornholm’s website. With Team Bornholm you can book a package including ferry tickets, accomodation and free cancellation insurance.

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