Sømarken beach

Enjoy Sømarken beach, which extends over a long area of ​​southern Bornholm.

Sømarken beach – there is something for everyone

Sømarken beach on the southern part of Bornholm has much variety. The sand is not as fine as on the closest beach, Dueodde, and the water level varies. At Sømarken you can find a lot of large rocks in the sea that the elder children can jump from.

Østre Sømark and Vestre Sømark

Sømarken beach consists of two beaches – Østre Sømark and Vestre Sømark. Østre Sømark is a small fishing village with a smokehouse/restaurant, while Vestre Sømark is an area with a lot of summer houses.

At both Østre Sømark and Vestre Sømark you can find a parking lot and toilets.


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Sømarken beach

Gedebakkevej 8

3720 Aakirkeby


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