Skyfox Sightseeing Flights

See Bornholm from above with the helicopter from Skyfox.

We fly:
MONDAY – Hammershus (Bornholms Tekniske Samling) / Northern Bornholm
TUESDAY – Snogebæk / Southern Bornholm
WEDNESDAY – Gudhjem (ved Baltic Sea Glass) / East coast of Bornholm
THURSDAY – Hasle / Western coast of Bornholm
FRIDAY – Nexø (ved Netto, Søbækken)

Always between 10 am – 4.30 pm

Sightseeing Flights on Bornholm

See the routes and the prices on our website (in Danish). Min. 2 persons per flight, max. 3 persons. No pre-reservation needed. Cash or Credit Cards accepted.

From DKK 450,- pr. pers.


Opening hours:


  • Miltonsvej 23
  • 8270 Højbjerg
  • Our "airports" on Bornholm are in Gudhjem, Hasle, Hammershus, Nexø and Snogebæk


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