Pure boho atmosphere at Sandlinien in Sandvig

Beach café, cocktails, ice cream house and coffee bar – right by Sandvig Strand

Sandlinien is Bornholm’s new cozy spot in Sandvig – and of course there is Baltic Roast in the coffee cups!

The coffee at Sandlinien

You can enjoy our freshly roasted virgin single origin specialty coffee with beans of the highest quality at Sandlinien.

Origins in Sandlinien’s own blend: Ethiopia, India, Colombia, and Brazil. Sandlinien Blend is sold exclusively at Sandlinien, where you can also buy the coffee to take home for your own machine.

Pampering on Sandlinien

You can also fulfill your ice dreams with Hansens Is and slurp sea buckthorn slushies. You can also treat yourself, your family, and your friends to authentic street food from e.g. Mexico. If you are thirsty or just thirsty for fun, you can get Mexican soft drinks, Sandlinien’s own draft beer, drinks, and cocktails.


In addition to Baltic Roast coffee, you can also buy Coffee Stories by Baltic Roast – a unique art print series with beautiful coffee motifs that Baltic Roast sells exclusively on the finest paper quality printed in Denmark. Available in sizes A3 and A5.

Baltic Roast is also the sole distributor of Portuguese Costa Nova’s colorful Grespresso collection on Bornholm. You can buy espresso cups, lungo and latte cups as well as bowls for snacks or breakfast. The collection is inspired by the waves of the sea and is available in different colors – from delicate pink to black and sunshine yellow. The stoneware’s special ability to retain temperature ensures that your coffee stays warm for a long time and allows you to enjoy your Baltic Roast Virgin Single Origin coffee with perfect crema even more.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5353 2027


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Sandlinien 3

3770 Allinge


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