Salene Graveyard

About 30 crater cairns at the rocky beach of Salene testify of an ancient settlement or a graveyard from the Iron Age

Park the car at Bobbe Bro parking area, Helligdomsvej 7B or at the end of Bobbevej down by Salene Bay (very limited space).


At the House with the address Bobbevej 8, you’ll recognize a little path, that leads across the field and towards the forest and the beach. The cairns are thought to be an ancient graveyard from the Iron Age, around 500 BC to 850 AC.


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Bobbevej 5

3760 Gudhjem

Brug parkeringspladsen ved Salene Bugt. Ved huset Bobbevej 8 går en sti tværs over marken hen mod skoven og kysten.

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