The ceramists Susanne Rasborg and Ejnar Paulsen.

After graduating, we started our own workshop, which from 1976 has been located just outside Svaneke on Bornholm.

We are very inspired by Japanese ceramics and the Scandinavian design tradition, but also the Bornholm nature, which we meet on rides on our Icelandic horses, is a source of eternal inspiration.



Our products are primarily utility items such as cups, mugs, bowls, jugs, vases, and plates, but occasionally there is also time to throw yourself on new paths, such as unique, that can take us on to new and exciting results.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 2173 1856

E-mail raspaulkeram@gmail.com

Web rasborgogpaulsen.dk


Østermarievej 8

3740 Svaneke

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