Regional buses on Bornholm

Explore Bornholm with the regional buses of the island.

Regional buses on Bornholm

On Bornholm, BAT – your bus on Bornholm – operates a timed service on the major bus routes, all starting from Rønne to the island’s smaller towns. The bus schedules are coordinated with the ferry arrival and departure times.

Get off wherever you want on Bornholm

When you travel with the regional buses on Bornholm, you can get on or off almost anywhere on the country roads outside the urban zones. Just stretch out your arm and wave clearly when you stand by the roadside, and it’s advisable to use lights during dark hours. However, be aware that buses are not allowed to stop on sections with solid double lines! Within urban zones, stops are only made at bus stops.

Ticket Purchase

BAT’s Timetable

You can find the timetable for BAT’s buses on Bornholm at (only danish).

Biking with the Bus on Bornholm

It is often possible to bring your bike on regional bus routes. Several of the buses have space for up to 5 regular bikes per trip on a special bike flap, ask the driver on the route about the possibilities.



Bornholms public transportation service

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