Public buses on Bornholm

Explore Bornholm with the public buses of the island.

District buses

In connection with all ferry arrivals and departures in Rønne you will find bus services with BAT – din bus på Bornholm – from the harbour to all the main towns and summer cottage areas on the island. The timetables of the buses are adjusted to the arrival and departure times of the ferries.

Get off where you want

Bornholm’s district buses will stop to let passengers on or off virtually anywhere on the main road. Just put out your arm and make a clear signal to the driver from the side of the road – and please also use a lamp in the dark. Please note though that the buses are not allowed to stop on stretches with double continuous white lines.

The bicycle with the bus

Remember that you can bring your bike on the regional buses of the island. BAT – din bus på Bornholm takes up to 4 ordinary bicycles per trip on a special bicycle rack.

Town buses in Rønne

You can easily get around in Rønne with the town buses of BAT.



Bornholms public transportation service

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