Informal cantina style at Nexø Harbour

We are inspired by South America and offer as a start: build-your-own tortillas (the soft tacos) which are sharing menus for 2 people. The approach is to use good, fresh ingredients. Cut with tenderness and love. We believe that it can be tasted and felt when you make most elements from scratch.

It is informal cantina style. Plus Paloma drinks and a Bingo Gringo and IPA delivered by Stefan. For the children there is lemonade, or a don’t worry for the driver, good quality coffee is available all day long from 12 o’clock.

Sweet and enthusiastic staff, so come and say hello to all of us at PALOMA and the port. We already feel well received.




Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 2423 1386



Havnen 2

3730 Nexø

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