"Pakhuset" in Allinge

Modern clothes and design store right at the harbour in Allinge

“Pakhuset” in Allinge is a lifestyle store that features an exciting fusion of glass by Pernille Bülow, design, fashion and designer clothes from Stærmose in Boderne with a maritime twist inspired by the harbour just outside. Here the creative mind can indulge its passion to the full and explore a world of glass design, clothing, jewellery and whatever else belongs to a smart lifestyle and a wonderful home. The glassware and jewellery by Pernille Bülow go well with Stærmose’s famous fashion brands, like Gant, St.Tropes, Piro, Henri Lloyd etc.

During the summer season the shop is open every day – in the high season also in the evening hours.


Opening hours this week:

Tlf. +45 56974226

E-mail butik.pia.s@mail.dk


Havnegade 2

3770 Allinge

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