Nørrekås beach

Nørrekås beach is one of Rønne's lovely sandy beaches.

Nørrekås beach – A popular beach in the middle of Rønne
Originally Nørrekås was the sailboat harbour in Rønne, but through the years, more sand has emerged, and now Nørrekås is also a popular little beach in the middle of the city. At Nørrekås, you can find a small jetty, and wheelchair users can get directly to the jetty from the path.

Parking and facilities
You’ll find parking about 100 meters from the beach at Bådhavnsvej. From the parking area, you’ll walk through the beautiful marina before reaching the beach. By the beach, you’ll find public restrooms.

Rønne is the biggest city on Bornholm, and here you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find something to eat and drink. If you wish to bring food and drinks to the beach, a supermarket called Kvickly is not far from the beach.


Opening season

Open all year

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Monday - Sunday All day

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Nordre Kystvej 7

3700 Rønne

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