Næsgaarden Pensionat

A historical gem on the edge of the Baltic Sea

Only 50 meters from the small Næs beach, the 270-year-old Næsgaard is located with fruit trees in the garden, cobblestones in the courtyard and rock outcrops in the guest garden. The place has been a guest house ever since Far til Fire (Father of Four – film) was on Bornholm and the atmosphere is in many ways the same as it was then. The children playing in the garden, storytelling by the fire in the evening and guests lying in the grass and looking up in the crowns of the old apple trees. In the background, the waves crash against the shore and the seagulls scream across the Baltic Sea. Life at the small guest house is great for the peace of mind and good for all generations.

In Næsgaarden’s reception you find a small cafe and a shop with local specialties.



Opening hours this week:


Tlf. +45 5648 0218

E-mail mail@naesgaarden.dk

Web næsgaarden.dk


Løsebækgade 20

3770 Allinge

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